[Phpmyadmin-devel] CSS

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Thu Nov 29 00:02:03 CET 2001

Hi Dann!

>is there a reason why the style sheet are not in
>one file?

Well there are three:
1. We can't find time to work on this yet ;)
2. css used for the left and the right frames are quite different,
    so the best solution would be (IMHO) to have to external
    style sheet ;
3. the left frame style sheet widely depends on js/DOM
    browser implementation and must be loaded by js, so it's
    not so easy to do.

>I saw in the forums that there's some problem with font size
>on certain OS/Browser

Most of these problems have been fixed now. There are
maybe some Linux remaining problem but it will be hard to
check what are the good values for each Linux browser....
And I'm not sure something better can be done in this area.

>by having CSS we could start to centralize the data,
>then we could look more into the font problem by having
>conditionnal CSS.

This is already done in a php way (see the "set_font_size()"
function inside "libraries/common.lib.php3").

BTW we have wanted to build external style sheets for a long
time. If you would like to work on it please do it :)
Just ensure such an improvement do not break NS4+
compatibility (NS4 has a really crappy CSS implementation).


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