[Phpmyadmin-devel] howto

Beck, Mike mike.beck at ibmiller.de
Thu Aug 15 05:52:01 CEST 2002

> Also, some images will be common between languages, some won't (i.e. 
> screenshots).

this certainly is a problem. it could be solved if we could use SVG (as
those are just XML Files), but unfortunately this is not yet available
widely enough. 

i can imagine we could do some script that will check wether to show an svg
or a normal file, so those that are able to view svg get a translated one,
those that can only view a jpg will get a english one. but i don't think we
should do any scripting in the howto - this should work without a webserver.

so what i think we should do is use english graphics, but then have small
numbers in the graphic which we use in the text and also have a table with

so imagine a picture with three buttons:
thisist	| 1. Send
picture	| 2. Cancel
withthe	| 3. think about it
numbers     |

if you want to send the query click on (1)

As everything is always on the same place i think people should be able to
find it if we just refer to it by number.


Mike Beck
mike.beck at users.sourceforge.net 

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