[Phpmyadmin-devel] howto

Beck, Mike mike.beck at ibmiller.de
Thu Aug 15 00:36:02 CEST 2002

> You can do a distinct document (howto-qbe or whatever) with 
> screenshots.
> I am not familiar with the best way to structure the doc, but I guess 
> that Documentation.html (and .txt) is getting too big.
> It's time for a /docs directory, with smaller documents.
> Someone (Robin?) suggested to use XML or DocBook format.
> The only thing I will regret is searching with the browser in 
> Documentation.html.  Another idea was to put the doc in a 
> table located 
> in the pmadb, and we integrate a small search engine.  But this would 
> not be good as users would need the doc to install the doc :)
> Maybe a splitted doc and a well-made index would make me happy :)

well let's leave the Documentation.html and just start removing bigger
chunks to seperate documents, but then still leave some Explanation - so it
ends up looking a bit like the answer from a searchengine, only showing
heading and a paragraph of explanation for each document and the link.

i decided that i'll still do some interface changes on _qbe  before i do any
screenshots- first of all i want some pulldown for the =,>= etc. stuff like
i did in tbl_select - i think that makes things clearer, also i am thinking
of using a vertical approach to it - as soon as you use more than three
columns you have to scroll horizontaly at the moment which i dislike.

Mike Beck
mike.beck at users.sourceforge.net 

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