[Phpmyadmin-devel] A question, and the near future of PMA

Marc Delisle Delislma at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Aug 29 06:46:07 CEST 2002

Robin Johnson wrote:

> Hi list,
> Could everybody please have a look at Bug #564793,
> and give me your input on such an authentication system as I have
> proposed.

I just did :)

> For working on PMA,
> Here is my plan of attack on things:
> early 2.3.1 release candiates will have:
> Parser analyzer system functions in place and basic use
> DB-config helper functions in place and used
> Initial code for bug #564793 (either the session cookie OR the symmetric
> encryption, not both)

I suggest you do just the parser-analyser system (with related bugfix), 
and postpone db-config to 2.3.2 or later.  Unless you have plenty of time!

And maybe challenge-response for cookie mode could go in 2.3.1.

> late 2.3.1 release candiates / early 2.3.2 release candiates:
> full DB-Config system (actual database storage)
> Parser analyzer UI (better responses than MySQL server responses!)
> Final code for bug #564793
> I have a strong reason for this spread of feature addition. The key part
> of it being seperate of what is happening to each sub-area of the code,
> is that is becomes a lot easier to trace which of the changes caused
> problems, if any. Especially as some of these features are really two
> parts intertwined.
> With the second set, I'm more inclined to have them ready for 2.3.2
> release candiates, rather than 2.3.1, to increase the testing time, and
> allow me some more time, as I have university courses starting up next
> week as well as a part-time job (working on open source!
> http://mvs.sf.net/)
> Additionally, this gives the translators more time to work on things, as
> there will be a LOT of strings coming in with the Parser Analyzer UI.
> Has anybody given thought to the release schedule?
> Exactly one year ago today, we released PMA 2.2.0.
> Our releases in the 2.2 series were about 35 days apart.
> How busy is everybody else expecting to be over the next few months?
> I think Alex is starting university, and I'm definetly back at
> university, so I don't think we can quite keep up with some of the
> frequent release schedule. I'd tentativly like to suggest that we aim
> for 45 days between releases. That gives us a month for features, and 
> two weeks for a pair of release candiates.

I have some time for bugfix, minor features, testing and forum 
answering.  I would also like to clean the patch tracker :)

A agree with roughly one month of development and 2 weeks of RCs, and
I think it's important that the RC period is *only* for testing/bugfix.

I have a request for all developers: please assign yourself only to the 
bugs/features your are really working on now, or plan to work on because 
they are related to some part of the code you are involved with.

Marc Delisle

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