[Phpmyadmin-devel] A question, and the near future of PMA

Lo�c loic-div at ifrance.com
Fri Aug 30 05:16:02 CEST 2002

Hi List!

Robin Johnson wrote:

> Could everybody please have a look at Bug #564793,
> and give me your input on such an authentication system as I have
> proposed.

I like the idea of challenge/response and I presume
it can be use either for cookie or http mode. But it
musn't require js in my opinion and that's an annoying

> Here is my plan of attack on things:
> early 2.3.1 release candiates will have:
> Parser analyzer system functions in place and basic use
> Initial code for bug #564793 (either the session cookie OR
> the symmetric encryption, not both)


> DB-config helper functions in place and used

I'm afraid it will be long to make an end for this
work and test it widely. Moreover there were many changes
in 2.3.0 and I would prefer we just fix bugs now and
perhaps add some very little features.

> late 2.3.1 release candiates / early 2.3.2 release candiates:
> full DB-Config system (actual database storage)
> Parser analyzer UI (better responses than MySQL server responses!)
> Final code for bug #564793


>How busy is everybody else expecting to be over
>the next few months?

I'm afraid I won't work much more on PMA than today :(

>I'd tentativly like to suggest that we aim
>for 45 days between releases. That gives us a month for
>features, and two weeks for a pair of release candiates.

I agree :)

Marc wrote
>I have a request for all developers: please assign
>yourself only to the bugs/features your are really
>working on now, or plan to work on because
>they are related to some part of the code you are
>involved with.



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