[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: Question about 2.2.4-cvs

luc luc at ceres.dti.ne.jp
Fri Feb 8 02:15:05 CET 2002

Yes, I know it.
But 2.2.4-cvs ./libraries/common.lib.php code is

   echo stripslashes($message);

I want to modify this code to

   echo get_magic_quote_gpc() ? stripslashes($message) : $message;

Is this code correct?

> >Does this function must need 'stripslashes' ?
> >    get_magic_quote_gpc() ? stripslashes($message) :
> >    $message;
> >In case of japanese-sjis code, this stripslahes is no good.
> Yep, it does. If magic_quote_gpc is enabled, php slashes
> special characters and we must remove these slashes before
> executing the query.

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