[Phpmyadmin-devel] Bug #501773 - null checkbox

Robin Johnson robbat2 at fermi.orbis-terrarum.net
Thu Jan 10 13:33:05 CET 2002

Hi guys,

about this bug, I was just wondering, what would be consider the correct

Checkbox(NULL) is on by default, and if data is placed into the
textbox, then the checkbox is not applied in the PHP code.


The checkbox is off by default, and must be checked to set the value to

I would opt for the second solution, as I use a lot of data tables where I
have designed the table with default values and actually take advantage of
the default values in my manual SQL.

I see that lem9 mentioned a patch, but I haven't look it at it, so I don't
know which method it implements.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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