[Phpmyadmin-devel] Bug #501773 - null checkbox

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Jan 10 17:37:01 CET 2002

Robin Johnson a écrit :

> Hi guys,
> about this bug, I was just wondering, what would be consider the correct
> behavior?
> Either:
> Checkbox(NULL) is on by default, and if data is placed into the
> textbox, then the checkbox is not applied in the PHP code.
> OR
> The checkbox is off by default, and must be checked to set the value to

I would say that, in insert mode:
    - checkbox is off, unless the default value for the field is NULL
    - if possible: if the focus goes to the field, we uncheck the checkbox
    - as you said, if there is data, the checkbox is not applied

But this leads to another behavior I want to validate with developers:
Create a table with a field that has the attribute NULL, and put nothing
for it's default value: the default value of the field will be NULL.  Is this

> I would opt for the second solution, as I use a lot of data tables where I
> have designed the table with default values and actually take advantage of
> the default values in my manual SQL.
> I see that lem9 mentioned a patch, but I haven't look it at it, so I don't
> know which method it implements.

The patch is supposed to disable a field if the null checkbox is on.  But
I wonder if we will need this, if the checkbox is off by default.


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