[Phpmyadmin-devel] Patch #485311 - Storing Server Configuration in Database

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Jan 10 17:47:03 CET 2002


I vote yes.  The moment we started with the bookmarks table, it was evident
that we would have
a db for all sort of things: configuration, personal preferences, etc

However, as already mentionned in a thread here, it would be important that
phpMyAdmin can work
without this db, for the novice users.

Or we could create this db on the fly for everyone, if we have a stduser with
escalated privileges.

We must think it so that is fits the needs of an admin, and maybe also the
needs of some ISP's
customers which only have access to one db.

This will lead to interesting questions: on which server do we store
configurations for a multi-server phpMyAdmin?

Also, phpgroupware has a way to stamp its tables with a version number, and do
an automatic upgrade
when new fonctionality arises.


Robin Johnson a écrit :

> Hi Guys,
> Loic originally submitted this patch some while ago, and I think that
> implementing it would be a good idea to make life easier for the high
> level sysadmins. I haven't tried to apply it against the tree yet, but
> just a few ideas I had on it that I would like to mention.
> First, this would need ideally get it's own database to run against, say
> 'phpMyAdmin' (I already have such a database for my bookmarked queries).
> In addition, there is a lot of extra things that could be implemented best
> with a proper database instead of using the configuration file still.
> Feature #484158 is a good example of something that would become a LOT
> easier to implement with such a system available.
> If everybody else thinks that such a large scale feature would be
> appropriate in phpMyAdmin, I would be willing to implement it, as I have a
> newfound need for it myself.

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