[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re(2): $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri

Lo�c loic-div at ifrance.com
Thu May 2 10:08:06 CEST 2002

Marc wrote:

>If we put some automatic configuration of $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri
>that works on the majority of servers, we will avoid all the
>help requests we are *now* receiving about those servers (when
>then have the new version :)

I agree but what I mean it that it will become really hard
to help users for which it won't work.

>Apache is currently at 56% of the market share.

Right but different versions of Apache and different
installation of Apache may not use the same concept behind
the same variable. As I stated before ISP often like to modify
some of the environment variables for example. That's a real
problem IMHO.

>Then we put in the file an explanation, and a commented out
>line like this:
>//$cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] = '';
>to be filled in for those servers where the automatic thing
>does not work.

I cant agree this, sorry. We should at least put something in
else we will face again bugs with cookies and with the "UPDATE"
and "INSERT" statements.

Jay wrote:
>I agree that the default setting in the config file should
>'calculate' the $ cfgPmaAbsoluteUri setting (using HTTP_HOST).

I prefer this solution but that's not enough IMHO. If you
really want to have a default value for this setting, use the
first example from the documentation since we can hope at least
three of variable used are always defined the way they should
($HTTPS, $HTTP_HOST and $PHP_SELF).... but that will means
array and maybe even use the "getenv()" function to get these
values whatever is the "register_globals" position.


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