[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: What about 2.2.7?

Rabus rabus at bugfixes.info
Wed May 15 13:31:03 CEST 2002

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From: "Loïc" <loic-div at ifrance.com>

> I agree but we should first fix bug #556296 - max number
> of characters of int fields.

Well, bug #556296 isn't a bug imho... I't doesn't make sense at all!

> It would also be nice to have a test script for translations
> so we can avoid bugs like #555920: for all the files, it
> will use "require" on them and then send a fake "header".

What do we need the fake header for?
Yes, such a script would be a good idea. It would be great if this test
script could also find missing strings. For this purpose I'd like to change
the language file format like we did with the config file (of course in
2.3.0 only *g*).
This code should find the missing strings then:

$strRef = $str;
$languageDirectory = dir('./lang');
while ($name = $languageDirectory->read()) {
    if (strpos($name, '.inc.php3') && ($name != 'english.inc.php3')) {
        include('./lang/' . $name);
        foreach ($strRef as $stringTitle => $string) {
            if (!isset($str[$stringTitle]) echo 'The string "' .
$stringTitle . '" is missing in "' . $name . '"!<br />' . "\n";
        unset($str, $stringTitle, $string);

Back to 2.2.7:
What about your fixes against bugs #551898 and #552486? You haven't
implemented them into 2.2.7, have you?
Do you want to leave them unfixed in 2.2.7 or have you just forgotten to
merge them? :o)


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