AW: [Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: Apache 2.0.* and PHP 4.2.?

Robin Johnson robbat2 at
Thu May 23 01:22:02 CEST 2002

On Thu, 23 May 2002, Beck, Mike wrote:
> > Most of the ISPs that I have seen skipped the 4.1 update set, so hopefully
> > they will take to 4.2 instead.
> well i doubt that they will, we are still trying to code everything in a
> way that it works with PHP 3 for good reasons, so i don't think we should
> even think of using code that would only work with 4.2
The $cfg <-> XML conversion is something little I have done entirely as a
function that should not be any problems with it running under PHP3.

> just because the configuration file could then be in XML which would be
> so much cooler than just having something which every user can easily
> understand and fill in.
I never even proposed to keep the configuration file in an XML format. I
am just using an XML format to store it in the DB for DB-Config as XPath
is the only way I can find to select certain parts of it to take effect.

The use of XPath for DB-Config however I use an external class for, and
the entire problem around that is the bugs in PHP in dealing with classes.
XPath is only needed for DB-Config. If anybody else can find me a class or
existing code that is PHP3-compliant and does simple XPath on a string
containing XML data, then I will use that instead, but I have looked for
one, and didn't find any.
The XPath class I am using presently is:

If they have PHP3 or an older PHP4, then they can still use all the rest
of PMA, just not the DB-Config code.

> btw: i read in the tracker that somebody is working on getting at least part
> of the configuration stored in the database as well (which i like much more)
> how's that work going? will it be in 2.3.0?
I am that person. I have hit the PHP bugs that I mentioned in working with
OOP and classes, and I need to get my PHP upgraded from the 4.1 I was
using so that I can continue to work on it.

Just to clarify again for everybody, the only code that isn't portable to
PHP3 and older PHP4 so far that I am dealing with is entirely due to the
OOP bugs in PHP, that have only been resolved in PHP4.2. The OOP stuff is
ONLY needed for DB-Config, so just the way we hide some features if the
version of MySQL is not high enough, we will be hiding DB-Config unless
the version of PHP is high enough.

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