[Phpmyadmin-devel] structure diff - possible patch

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Oct 31 12:43:03 CET 2002

Hi Eric,

I am trying your code. I will put a revised version
on the patch tracker, so that future discussions about it
are easier to follow.

The first things I modified are:

- add a hidden db variable to the form, to propagate db
- remove the call to PMA_SQP_analyse (what did you want to do with this?)


Eric Persson wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Some of you might remember I asked for a structure diff earlier, I want 
> to compare 2 tables and get an alter query which would make the target 
> table to look exactly like the original table.
> I have now made a small hack which almost does this, at least it show 
> the idea of what I want it to be.
> I added the file diff_tables.php which currently takes ?db as an get 
> argument. It shows the table in that database and you can pick 2 tables 
> to compare and you get a hopefully working alter query. :)
> I modified left.php to show a link after the num_tables, like (diff) 
> which goes to diff_tables.php with ?db as the database.
> If you want to try it out, patch your 2.3.2 version of phpmyadmin with 
> the files, or visit http://www.egp.cx/phpMyAdmin-2.3.2/ where I put up a 
> patched version. Please dont destroy the tables to much. :)
> Some ideas of what to improve:
>  * maintain the order of the fields
>  * maintain keys/indexes and auto_increment fields
>  * make it possible to diff tables between databases
>  * make it possible to diff create table queries
>  * create a nice graphical view over whats added/changed/dropped
> Do you have any furhter suggestions?
> Please comment and try it out and think about it. The code is still very 
> hacky, and I might have re-invented the wheel in some places, but I'm 
> not yet familiar with all libraryfiles etc.
> Best regards,
>     Eric

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