[Phpmyadmin-devel] structure diff - possible patch

Eric Persson eric at persson.tm
Thu Oct 31 14:13:03 CET 2002

Marc Delisle wrote:
> I am trying your code. I will put a revised version
> on the patch tracker, so that future discussions about it
> are easier to follow.
Ahh... great... I'm not very familiar with the patch tracker, but I have 
an sourceforge account( username: quadrix ). I cant find the patch, but 
if you can assign it or point me to it, I will continue to work on it.
I have already gotten a little bit further and would like to merge those 
with yours.

> The first things I modified are:
> - add a hidden db variable to the form, to propagate db
great...I've done this in my new version to.

> - remove the call to PMA_SQP_analyse (what did you want to do with this?)
Well.. I wanted to get all those fancy colored queries, but I couldnt 
figure out what the colorize function wanted as an argument, some type 
of array, but I dont know how to get a valid array yet.

If you can, point me in some direction where I can learn the 
patchtracker and alike some more so I can use it. :)

Best regards,

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