[Phpmyadmin-devel] MySQL 4.1.0

Robin H. Johnson robbat2 at orbis-terrarum.net
Thu Apr 10 01:30:04 CEST 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 10:07:45AM +0200, Garvin Hicking wrote:
> I just read Alex' comment for one of our RFE, that MySQL 4.1.0 is released and he
> wants to start work after 2.5.0.
> I don't know how excessive the changes made for 4.1.0 are, so maybe
> anyone can explain that to me, before I dig around? And maybe a rough
> estimate of how much this affects our application...
Alex did take a look at one point I think. I'll try it on one of my
experimental servers in a week or so, I'm busy with final exams at the
moment. Just at a glance, the change in all text types for character set
support looks like it could be a serious issue. My existing SQL parser
should support the majority of things needed, but the analyzer will
probably need some work.

If you really want to find out for yourself, put it on one of your
servers, in a non-standard install location to co-exist with your
current MySQL unless you are feeling lucky. I have a feeling that 4.1
will break a LOT of existing code, just as 4.0 did. A large number of
applications haven't even caught up to the breakages caused by 4.0 yet.

> I think this is worth the wait, because surely many developpers will
> update their MySQL now.
I'd say that anybody that runs the new MySQL 4.1.0 ALPHA on a production
server should be taken out and shot. You only need to look at the early
alphas of MySQL 4.0 to see how hazardous that is. MySQL 4.0.6-beta was
the earliest MySQL4.0 that work successful and marginally stablely on my
developement and testing machines. When it went gamma I did a limited
rollout onto production systems, and changed them over when it because
stable quality.

> I for one would like to have 4.1.0 support for PMA 2.5.0.  I wouldn't
> like to have the 4.1.0-enabled version two weeks after 2.5.0 release
> and forcing people to update their PMA to 2.5.1. Instead I think it is
> a good idea, if possible, to delay the release of 2.5.0 to put in the
> new MySQL support.
Having support for MySQL 4.1.0 will definetly speed the adoption of
MySQL 4.1.0 greatly.  However I think we shouldn't delay 2.5.0 any more.
If the people are THAT cutting edge that they are running MySQL 4.1.0,
then they won't mind upgrading phpMyAdmin.

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