[Phpmyadmin-devel] Add-on for visualization

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Sun Dec 7 12:38:03 CET 2003

Hi Michael!

(Please turn your HTML off)

> The purpose of the work is to make another
> graphical interface allowing the users to navigate through the records
> of the database following the hypertext links on foreign keys, as it
> is now implemented into PhpMyAdmin.

Yes, we have quite a few of feature requests of users who want a
'scaled down' interface with just the most basic options.

> 1) Do you think using PhpMyAdmin as a library is possible? Is it
> enough modularized to allow me to use PhpMyAdmin through an API
> without much difficulties?

You will definitely face problems, as phpMyAdmin is (historically)
programmed in a very functional approach. So, there doesn't exist an
API as such, only very basic functions. Most of the pages are
programmed inside each page, and are not using abstraction layers to
access data.

In short: You will either have to build your own API, letting it base
on  PMA as the foundation. Or you take each page as it is now and
implement if/switch structures for privilege/alternative interface
display. The first one would be the way to go, but the latter one will
be faster to implement.

> 2) Do you have docs showing how PhpMyAdmin is constructed? (Class
> diagram, include files diagram, a table saying wich file does wath, a
> document explaining the structure of PhpMyAdmin, or something else) If
> yes, is it possible to receive this?

Uhm. No. We haven't. Sorry. :-)

It's more a "see yourself and wade through the code" concept. As
phpMyAdmin is a very old application, it has gotten bloated and more
unstructurized with every addition.

However, we are lately trying to make the code leaner and it's
definitely our "wish" to have an API and be able to template code. So
if you would like to help in that major task, we are glad about any
manpower willing to be dedicated to the project!

> 3) I think it would be the best to develop my application using PHP
> but do you know if it is possible to call php functions from Java?
> (This is possible for C or C++ functions through the Java Native
> Interface but I don't know for PHP)

I haven't heard yet of this way, but I do know that you can call Java
functions from PHP. Well, thinking about this: I guess there is no way
to embed PHP-code in Java. You would probably have to switch to
C#/.Net/Mono, where such a thing is in the making.

> In advance, thank you very much for you help,

I hope I did in any way help you, even though I guess my answer is
more frustrating than helping you.

Looking forward to your answer,

Garvin Hicking   | Mediengestalter
www.supergarv.de | #ICQ 21392242

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