[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: PHP 3 Compatibility

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Thu Dec 4 04:29:04 CET 2003

Hi Michal!

> moving this duscussion to list, because I thing it should be there :-)

I'm currently having huge trouble with the SourceForge Mailinglists,
as they don't arrive at my usual mailaccount (they seem to just
vaporize) and I have to route them through a freemail account, which
is also not that reliable. Bottom line is, I hope that my message
arrives and I get all your replies. :-)

> No need to wait, if you have time :)

Yes, there is a larger project in sight, but not yet approved. But it
may get approved in the middle/end of next week, and I'd have the time
to dig into the files now. :)

I'm really looking forward to this, as once the code is leaner, we may
get basic Session-support easier to work, to get rid of those nasty
redirects once and for all.

>> d) Make changes to HEAD. Make 2.5.5 the first PHP4-release, thus
>> moving the 2.5.5 RC1 about 1-2 weeks later and having huge changes
>> in
>> that 2.5.5 release.
>> Pro: Making a real worthy 2.5.5 release? Work can start immediately.
>> Larger testing user base.
>> Con: No 2.5.5 release with the latest features, moved schedule.
> Good solution. If there are not any things that are worth of releasing
> quickly, I'd prefer this.

This version would be fine for me. I currently have nothing left in
the queue for 2.5.5 (apart from the above mentioned ;-)...

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