[Phpmyadmin-devel] Release cycle

Marc Delisle delislma at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Mon Feb 3 08:18:31 CET 2003


We all are now in bug fix mode until 2.4.0-final is released,
in about 2 weeks.

So you can merge the patches that fix some bugs, if they don't disturb
the rest.

Or you can post them to the patches tracker for review by others.

You can also have a look at unassigned bug in the bug tracker, find
some solutions for them (for example #658668)

We all have our opinions about branching, mine is that it is too much
work for me to apply bug fixes to more than one tree.  Maybe I do not
understand enough the branching mecanism.


Garvin Hicking wrote:
>  Salutations!
> My CVS account is now activated and I'd like to start introducing my  
> patches. As I've seen, the current HEAD is marked as rc2 in the  
> 'defines_php.lib.php3'.
> I would usually gues that rc2 is branched off from rc1?
> My changes shouldn't be in the current rc-cycle because I think they  
> change a lot...what should I do now?
> -- 
> Bye,                                            ...[ icq  #21392242 |
>  Garvin                                       ...[ www.supergarv.de |

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