[Phpmyadmin-devel] Release cycle

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Mon Feb 3 10:11:50 CET 2003

 Salve, Marc!

> We all are now in bug fix mode until 2.4.0-final is released,
> in about 2 weeks.

Okay, then it seems like no big 'packages' like mine are submitted. I will  
be working on those mime/sql JS window things the next 2 weeks and will  
surely touch a lot of parts. So it would be great to get some notice  
before another one takes approach on a huger scheme.

I'll be fixing some PHP3 bugs I just found in correspondance to my own  
reworking, but I'm mainly working on new feature the next time.

Just a final question, I can't get the CVS to remember my password, is  
this somehow possible? I've got access to the repository (did a first  
commit), and I already put my SSH-private key via the web interface on the  
shell-machine. I can already login on the shell with the public key, but I  
am still asked every time to enter my cvs pass. Is this intentional or am  
I forgetting something?

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