[Phpmyadmin-devel] Release cycle

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Mon Feb 3 13:18:46 CET 2003

 Salve, Robin!

>> You could post patches of your work on the patch tracker so we can try
>> it.
> Definetly. I usually maintain two trees, one of the current stuff that
> only bugfixes go into, and another one I play around with more.
> For my clients that use PMA for touching their data, I give them the
> choice between the two.

Okay, then I'll go that way. It's just you wanted to see different commits  
for each patch, and I am working on 4-5 items at once, which doesn't make  
me happy when I spend another week just to get the big patch split up  
again. But it's gonna work somehow.

Just a final thing which annoys me to death, I don't get this whole CVS- 
password system worked out.

I have my own linux box as a router and firewall and webserver. I connect  
to this server via SSH from my Windows machine via Putty. There I do my  
editing on the webserver via FTP.

With SSH I use the CVS commands to update my working directory, which I  
checked out using the "-d:ext:..." command.

I then created a public key on my webserver, and uploaded it to  
sourceforge. I now can login to the sourceforge-shell from the webserver.  
But still the cvs-password prompt pops up.

I guess I don't have to forward any keys using putty because my windows- 
machine shouldn't be involved in those whole key-issue, right? I tried to  
get the ssh-agent to work, but 'ssh-add' always tells me it "Could not  
open a connection to your authentication agent.". Even though ssh-agent is  

But, darn, I'll go figure it out. Now off to work. :)

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