[Phpmyadmin-devel] phpMyAdmin 2.4.0-rc1 is released

Michal Cihar nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 4 12:10:02 CET 2003


On Tuesday 04 February 2003 20:51, Marc Delisle wrote:
> Michal Cihar wrote:
> >On Monday 03 February 2003 23:00, Marc Delisle wrote:
> >>which browser and which kind of files?  I had made tests with .jpg files,
> >>browser IE 6 and Mozilla 1.2.1. No crash at all.
> >
> >I uploaded small png and it got displayed in SQL and my mozilla 1.2.1
> >crashed. Konqueror displayed it, but it was nothing nice.
> Michal,
> how do you display the row?  I have an application that reads the row in
> MySQL,
> sends the proper header
> and there are no crashes. But maybe this is because of the character
> sets when storing
> in MySQL.

The crash was just after uploading data, the update query got displayed and 
there was binary data in it.

> If we don't have choice, I agree about the encoding you added but we
> have to document
> this somewhere: users will have to know how to decode it in their
> applications.

There is no need to decode anything, it's just mysql representation of binary 
data. In database there are aways same data. At least it worked so for me.

	Michal Cihar
	nijel at users dot sourceforge dot net

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