[Phpmyadmin-devel] Single diffs

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Fri Feb 7 10:33:03 CET 2003


For your convenience, I just split up my patches into 9 different DIFF-
files. Some of them are based on each other, so it is not very clever to
seperate them. I.e. to keep MIME-comments (mime_types.diff) in synch, you
have to apply the patche supplied with display_comments.diff.

I edited most of the diff-files by hand, I hope they still work. Of course
I tested how to basically edit the diff-files, and in my tests it worked.

Maybe you can have a look at it and provide some comments.

Please see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/

It would be great if we could at some point already include the config- 
file changes and the new language variables, because keeping my working  
directory in synch with those is getting kind of hard. I built my diff- 
file against the CVS dated 2003-02-07, 17:30 CET and some minutes ago Marc  
introduced some new changes, so I feel like fighting against watermills,  
or however that figure of speech gets translated. ;-)

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