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Robin Johnson robbat2 at orbis-terrarum.net
Fri Feb 7 11:02:02 CET 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 07:31:00PM +0100, Garvin Hicking wrote:
> For your convenience, I just split up my patches into 9 different DIFF-
> files. Some of them are based on each other, so it is not very clever to
> seperate them. I.e. to keep MIME-comments (mime_types.diff) in synch, you
> have to apply the patche supplied with display_comments.diff.
Looks good, I'll test them on monday when I'm back.

> It would be great if we could at some point already include the config- 
> file changes and the new language variables, because keeping my working  
> directory in synch with those is getting kind of hard. I built my diff- 
> file against the CVS dated 2003-02-07, 17:30 CET and some minutes ago Marc  
> introduced some new changes, so I feel like fighting against watermills,  
> or however that figure of speech gets translated. ;-)
Move your config file to config.inc.developer.php3 and then generate
it's diff against the base config.inc.php3. It will still work with your
code as config.inc.developer.php3, it's just a precaution to stop
developers accidently commiting their passwords in config.inc.php3 if
they use a live working copy.
Keeping lang/* up to date shouldn't be hard at all, as long as you
haven't run the sort script on your strings and they are just at the
bottom of the files.

I'm going on a quick trip away, from today, returning sunday evening.
And I'll actually apply the patches to my tree once I'm back.


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