[Phpmyadmin-devel] about 'binary' attribute

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Wed Feb 12 04:32:02 CET 2003


> I thing for blob it would be enough... In fact I don't know for what
> would I use small binary field but maybe somebody could need to put
> there some data and there is no other way than uploading...

I also would think it suffices to upload data to blob fields. Maybe we
could put in a configuration directive to enable upload to binary fields
disabled by default? So anybody who's willing to clutter his interface
with many upload-buttons, he can make it so.

> Maybe it
> would be better to put uploading stuff on separate page and add on
> tbl_change (and maybe also on display_tbl where [binary] is being shown)
> only link to that.

I don't like the idea to split up the interface to another part. I find it
quite intuitive to have the upload stuff where I want to alter or insert
data. Linking to another page is discomforting for me, and maybe also
other users.

I think the 'edit' button on display_tbl should be enough to alter the
data. Another direct link - if I understand your approach - to upload is
in my opinion too cluttering.

$0.02 :)


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