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Wed Feb 12 06:54:07 CET 2003

Hi Garvin, Marc & list,

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From: Garvin Hicking
> > I thing for blob it would be enough... In fact I don't know
> > for what would I use small binary field but maybe somebody
> > could need to put there some data and there is no other way
> > than uploading...
> I also would think it suffices to upload data to blob fields.
> Maybe we could put in a configuration directive to enable
> upload to binary fields disabled by default? So anybody who's
> willing to clutter his interface with many upload-buttons, he
> can make it so.

Imho, we should make this configurable for the user.
The easiest way would be to use $cfg['ProtectBinary'] to decide wheather
we display the upload field or not.
In this case, I'd suggest to display the upload box inside the reqular
edit column, where now only display the message "Binary - do not edit (X
Bytes)" - for cosmetical reasons, mainly: I currently have to scroll
vertically in order to use the upload field.
By the way, what do we need this binary checkbox for?

Additionally we could optionally let the user store information about
wheather a fild should contain real binary data or not in the PMA
database, e.g. in the same table that stores the column comments.

> > Maybe it
> > would be better to put uploading stuff on separate page and add on
> > tbl_change (and maybe also on display_tbl where [binary] is being
> > shown) only link to that.
> I don't like the idea to split up the interface to another
> part. I find it quite intuitive to have the upload stuff
> where I want to alter or insert data. Linking to another page
> is discomforting for me, and maybe also other users.
> I think the 'edit' button on display_tbl should be enough to
> alter the data. Another direct link - if I understand your
> approach - to upload is in my opinion too cluttering.

I fully agree with Garvin in this point

Alexander M. Turek
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