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Wed Feb 12 07:07:05 CET 2003

Hi Marc & list,

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From: Marc Delisle
> there are a few html entities like " and  . Please
> note that in FAQ 7.2 we discourage the use of those.
> Do we absolutely need the ones that are currently in english-iso?

We do, indeed.
According to the XHTML specification, we M-U-S-T use entities for some
specific characters:

" for "
& for &
< for <
> for >

The   entity (nbsp = non-breaking space) avoids line feeds at ist
position, so it should only be used for this intention.

By the way, FAQ 7.2 says:

  "With html entities, the text on buttons would not display correctly."

This is nonsense because the botton labels are stored in attributes and
entities are allowed there. The problem with the entities are the JS
messages that are defined inside a <script> tag. There, HTML entities
would not get parsed.


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