[Phpmyadmin-devel] phpMyAdmin 2.4.0-rc2 is released

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Sun Feb 16 17:57:19 CET 2003

The Internet, 2003-02-17

To: phpMyAdmin community

The development team is pleased to announce version 2.4.0-rc2
(second release candidate) of phpMyAdmin.

The test cycle is going well, testers of -rc1 found some bugs
so -rc2 is better :) and contains a more polished new privileges/db
management system.


     * PDF pages
           o new data dictionary
           o support for deleting a PDF page definition
           o better browser support
     * cookie login: login error message
     * new server/user management interface with sub-pages
           o more intuitive interface
           o interface to most MySQL status variables
           o server traffic & query statistics
           o support new MySQL 4 privileges
           o support for user resource limits
           o privileges may now be edited without reloading the user tables
           o copy user profiles
     * Export
           o export to LaTeX format
           o better handling of charset conversion
           o better output order of inserts/creates
           o export results of any single-table SELECT
     * option to only copy data (append) to a table
     * better handling of confirmation requests (bookmarks) and LIMIT
     * support EXTRACT ... FROM
     * check/uncheck all for field selection
     * moving cursor with ctrl/arrows in table creation and row editing
     * images in PNG format where possible
     * display UPDATE SQL statement after a row edit
     * in Select sub-page, drop-down for ENUMs
     * (experimental) support for compressed connections to the MySQL server
     * upload of binary file into a field
     * new documentation layout
     * (for phpMyAdmin developers) interface to DBG extension for 
     * show blob size


     * output handler warning for PHP >=4.3.0
     * usernames with "@" character
     * links or submit buttons for db search results
     * warning for bzip problem of PHP 4.2.1
     * wrong "Back" links
     * UNION processing generated undefined variables
     * handling of "LOCAL" in recent MySQL versions for LOAD DATA INFILE
     * wrong drop-down for foreign keys in Select sub-page
     * wrong charset information in XML exports
     * parsing error for the single quote case
     * problem with SQL validator interface
     * wrong parsing of INTERVAL and AUTO_INCREMENT
     * no longer allow invalid options like UNSIGNED in SET/ENUM
     * problem entering comments in Relation view
     * fix for kanji encoding problem
     * empty field names on add fields page caused problems
     * the quicklinks on top of each page are now pointing to the 
default tabs
     * problem with receiving the database list with MySQL >= 
4.0.2-alpha (in CVS)
     * adjusted font sizes for Opera 7 for Windows and Konqueror (in CVS)
     * problems with editing the contents of the SQL query boxes with 
Opera 7 for Windows (in CVS)
     * query-by-example and only one table
     * do not display edit link for database-independent queries
     * fix some of the problems with record counting

Download links, as usual, on http://www.phpmyadmin.net

Marc Delisle, for the team.

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