[Phpmyadmin-devel] Problems with Garvin's Patches

Rabus rabus at bugfixes.info
Mon Feb 24 14:58:06 CET 2003

Hi Garvin & list,

You've submitted a huge feature-bomb, so what about RC1 next Sunday? ;-p
Du scheinst irgendwie nicht ausgelastet zu sein. Oder hattest du einfach nur
zu viel Zeit? :o)

OK, let's get serious.
When trying to browse any table, I get:

SELECT column_name, mimetype, transformation, transformation_options
FROM `column_comments`
WHERE db_name = 'my_database' AND table_name = 'my_table' AND (
mimetype != '' OR transformation != '' OR transformation_options != ''

Unkown field 'mimetype' in field list.

The strange thing is: Even if I send a query that does not affect any
database, like "SHOW STATUS" for instance, this error appears. Don't you
need this query for table-specific SELECTs only?
Your new code obviously does not seem to accept the old layout of the
column_comments table. Of course, it's no problem for me to update my table
structure, but we'll probably get flooded with support request concerning

About you query box:
It appears a little large to me. Imho, we should only have the <textarea>
and the submit button there, nothing else.
It's just meant for quick queries, not for large imports. That is why I'd
like to drop the whole upload stuff. We still keep the SQL tab for this.
The link "import textfile" and the table field list don't work at all, so
let's drop them, too.

Keep on the good work,

Alexander M. Turek
<alex at bugfixes.info>

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