[Phpmyadmin-devel] Problems with Garvin's Patches

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Mon Feb 24 23:50:13 CET 2003

Hi Alex & list!

> You've submitted a huge feature-bomb, so what about RC1 next Sunday? ;-p
> Du scheinst irgendwie nicht ausgelastet zu sein. Oder hattest du einfach nur
> zu viel Zeit? :o)

Well, I was on vacation and wanted to give something back to the community. ;)

> SELECT column_name, mimetype, transformation, transformation_options
> FROM `column_comments`
> WHERE db_name = 'my_database' AND table_name = 'my_table' AND (
> mimetype != '' OR transformation != '' OR transformation_options != ''
> )

This query should only be used to build the table list in the left frame and for the
strucutre (if 'display comments' is true) and for the headers/results of any query.

I will add a code to "upgrade" the comment-table structure, if the fields are
missing. Or is emitting a red warning on the start page a better way?

> About you query box:
> It appears a little large to me. Imho, we should only have the <textarea>
> and the submit button there, nothing else.

I can make the query history configurable, but I definitely want to have it.

> It's just meant for quick queries, not for large imports. That is why I'd
> like to drop the whole upload stuff. We still keep the SQL tab for this.

Okay, I can talk about that. But as you can see, the query window only uses the
snippet from tbl_query_box.php3, so that has to be modified as well.

> The link "import textfile" and the table field list don't work at all, so
> let's drop them, too.

They don't work? I didn't test importing yet, but selecting fields worked for me

> Keep on the good work,

Thanks! I appreciate that a lot :)


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