[Phpmyadmin-devel] Problems with Garvin's Patches

Rabus rabus at bugfixes.info
Tue Feb 25 04:45:01 CET 2003

Hi Garvin & list,

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From: Garvin Hicking
> I will add a code to "upgrade" the comment-table structure,
> if the fields are missing. Or is emitting a red warning on
> the start page a better way?

I disagree with that because you cannot expect the user to have the
privileges he needs to change the table structure. Imho, the best
solution would be to modify the code that checks the status of the
relational tables. Furthermore, PMA_mysqlDie() shouldn't be called if
the query fails: In this case, your feature should be disabled, instead.

Nevertheless, you should documentate the new configuration directives
and table structure.

> > About you query box:
> > It appears a little large to me. Imho, we should only have the
> > <textarea> and the submit button there, nothing else.
> I can make the query history configurable, but I definitely
> want to have it.

Sorry, I did not notice the history feature at first look. Of course I
don't want to drop it, either!

Happy fixing :o)

Alexander M. Turek
<alex at bugfixes.info>

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