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Rabus rabus at bugfixes.info
Thu Feb 27 02:39:15 CET 2003

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From: robbat2 at orbis-terrarum.net
> On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 10:29:10AM +0100, Olivier M. wrote:
> > On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 05:39:47PM -0800,
> > robbat2 at orbis-terrarum.net wrote:
> > > > Maybe it would be good to have a look at the current (already
> > > > exisiting) PhpMyAdmin rpm's on the CD's of SuSE,
> > > > redhat, etc. to get an idea.

I have just gone through all of the five CDs of the Red Hat 8.0
distribution. I have not been able to find a phpMyAdmin-RPM there, but
nevertheless I know that anaconda (the RH installer) offers phpMyAdmin
in the package list.
I also searched for phpMyAdmin in Red Hat's RPM database - without any

I can only guess that anaconda determines the directory automatically
and that's the way to go - imho.

> > > In the Gentoo ebuilds, it's /home/httpd/html/phpMyAdmin/
> > voila, and SuSE is /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/, debian and RH probaly
> > somewhere else: the question is: do we really want to create 10
> > different RPM/DEB files on every release? :)

Don't forget the MSI packages for the Windows users like me!

> We certainly don't want to have to make them by hand, but if
> it were automatic for us to create, I'm sure the userbase
> wouldn't mind...

Installing phpMyAdmin is more than easy, you just have to type that one
command line that is mentioned in our documentation. And I can't believe
that linux users are afraid of command lines...
If you needed to compile the source, I'd agree, but it's just

> I've really been thinking that the current release script
> could be improved (including automatic uploading).

I had some thoughts about the release script. The thing that bothers me
most about it is that too much rubbish is included.
What I'd like to change is:

1) Use "extract" instead of "checkout" for pulling out the source from
CVS. A normal user does not need the CVS directories at all and inside
the .php distribution they are just senseless! Someone who needs them is
always welcome to use the CVS server.

2) Some files are not necessary for the every-day-usage of phpMyAdmin,
only for the development. So I'd like to make the script remove the
following files after recieving the source:
- .cvsignore
- lang/add_message.sh
- lang/add_message_file.sh
- lang/check_lang.sh
- lang/remove_message.sh
- lang/sort_lang.sh
- scripts/check_lang.php3
- scripts/create-release.sh
- scripts/remove_control_m.sh


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