[Phpmyadmin-devel] Multi queries - CVS update

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Tue Jul 29 09:20:05 CEST 2003

Hi Marc!

> I made some quick tests and it looks good. I tested multi-statements like
> some INSERTs and some DELETEs sent at once: I saw the neat comments about affected rows.

Great. :)

> However, one thing that does not work is two SELECTs like this:
> select * from persons;
> select * from towns;
> Did you try this?  Maybe a parser issue.

Yes, I left that case out. There's a line in read_dump.php3 which overrides any
multi-queries if the last one is a select and only shows the last query. As I did not
know why and how it was implemented, I didn't touch it. I guess using multiple selects
doesn't make that much sense for phpMyAdmin...?


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