[Phpmyadmin-devel] Layout of table export

Ferguson brendan at knightsweb.net
Sun Mar 2 12:39:16 CET 2003

Don't know what you changed under the hood, but the spacing and bold
headlines look

better this way.


1.       For browsers who don’t support <fieldset>, all the options are
just piled on top of each other. I changed the way the “no options
appears” so “this format has no options.” Does not appear on the page
for browsers who do not support <fieldset>. To do this I made the no
options container blank and loaded the “”this format has no options”
into the container with InnerHTML.

2.      Added the bold text so when the piled effect happens, there is
some way to tell what is a header.

3.      added some css to style the fieldset so it looks good on every

4.      added <br style=”font-size:5px;”> after each <legend> so
underprivileged browsers don’t stack the contents of <legend> on to the
next line.


What I personally like better about the first approach were the

checkboxes in front of 'dump structure' and 'dump data', instead after
them. I think

standard GUI-behavior is in favor of the first version.


That is not a big deal. You may not have noticed but there was some
extra space added in front of the check boxes under the header boxes.
This is b/c browsers that can not handle the <fieldset> there is no
indication that the lower boxes are "under" the header boxes. I guess a
better way of dealing with this is to have the boxes "grayed out" if the
header box is not checked.


Maybe you could get the format in a way so that the box on the right
will be the

same size as the left box, so the bottom of the page doesn't move to the
top when

selecting another option on the left...


There are a number of ways we could do it. I am not sure if any of them
are better then what we all ready have though.


1. move the dump # info to under the export format.


2. have the options scroll if they get to long.

                This may be hard to accomplish with js, but if we use an
iframe it 

                could increase browser support. I have no idea how you 

                would pass the values in the iframe to the main page.


3. extend the spacing below the export format (the result will be a gap
in the page.) 


4. add more options to export. What about tab separated values?










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