[Phpmyadmin-devel] MIME-Transforms: Suggestions for functions?

Rabus rabus at bugfixes.info
Sun Mar 16 03:55:01 CET 2003

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From: Garvin Hicking
> I'd like to collect a few transforms for the next release. I
> think we should have a handy stack of transforms ready-to-use.
> I have the following suggestions, please add yours - if you
> have any - to this list:
> * A substring() transform (only return X bytes/chars of a field)

I am against this idea. A database administration application should
always display the true content of the tables. Transformations should
always be used to display the content in a clearer way - not for
truncating it.
I just don't like the idea of hiding the content partly from the user.

> * A datetime/timestamp to local dateformat transform

What do you mean by "local"? How do you want to detect a user's
timezone? Setting the timezone by a function parameter does not make
much sense in a multiuser environment.

> * A plugin to babelfish or something like that to translate
> contents? Transform options would be "from"- and "to"-language

I'd rather leave out the "to" option and automatically use the selected
interface language for this purpose :-)
Anyway, I don't like babelfish's word-by-word translations at all... :-p

> * An E-Mail Link-o-fier. (transforms me at supergarv.de to <a
> href="mailto:me at supergarv.de?subject=<option>">

Again, you might get in trouble if "me at supergarv.de" is the value of a
foreign key field.
Why do you want to limit this to email addresses? I'd rather extend this
to all kinds of URIs.

> * A plugin to search for a word in a field in google/google
> groups/google images

Again, I won't restrict this feature to Google only...

> Ideas are strongly welcome. I'll try to find the time for
> suggested functions the next 1-2 weeks.

What a bout a set of pretty-printers for HTML, XML, CSS, (My)SQL, PHP, C
(++ / #), Java, Perl, Python, Pascal, etc.?
I know that this is not as easy to relize as the transformations you
mentioned above, but it would be much more useful, imho.
Ad as far as I know, we already have a MySQL pretty printer, so we only
need to combine both :-)
HTML and CSS codes are often stored in MySQL databases, so this
languages should have a higher priority. XML shouldn't be hard to
realize once we have a HTML pretty-printer.


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