[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.4.1 release schedule

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Mon Mar 17 04:32:01 CET 2003

Hi Marc!

> I also agree with Rabus about the new requirements of PHP and MySQL
> (after 2.5.0).

Looks like we have a deal on that issue? ;)

> Instead of talking about rc1, I should have said "feature freeze". We
> have to freeze someday :)  So do we freeze on March 30?

I'm definitely positive about that. Only thing we could maybe put in the next
release may be Rabus' installscript -- if he finishes that after his graduation. :)

> About Sessions, I agree but I would prefer that the rewrite goes
> gradually into the tree, instead of a rewrite that stalls other
> developers. So we split the rewrite between developers?

You mean branching the project in "new features" and "session rewrite"? I don't know
if it is possible to let multiple developers work concurrently on a session rewrite.
What do you suggest there?

> About PHP3 and older MySQL, do we let the current workarounds in place?
> I say yes, would be a big job to remove them. But we no longer put
> workarounds for new debugging/features.

I vote for dropping older support. This will make the code smaller and easier to

> Finally, phpMyAdmin 3.0 should be in a distinct branch, and the code
> would be .php based.

Yes, before beginning to work on session rewrite we should make a branch. If there
are some major bugs in < 3.0 release, we should still be able to fix that


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