[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.4.1 release schedule

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Mon Mar 17 03:30:13 CET 2003

Garvin Hicking wrote:
> Hi List!
>>My suggestions:
>>- php >= 4.1.0 (Dec. 10th, 2001)
>>- MySQL >= 3.23.32 (Jan. 22nd, 2001)
> I fully agree to what Rabus said about PHP3/MySQL < 3.23 compatibility. I like the
> idea of leavin phpMyAdmin 2.5.0 the last release for older version compatibility. We
> should then try to implement MySQL 4.1 features and maybe some better
> InnoDB/Relationship as well as a complete Session-based rewrite of the code. Even
> though that sounds like much work I think adapting the current code to sessions
> should be more a work of some weeks rather than few months. And we basically need
> new code to make phpMyAdmin usable for future PHP/MySQL versions. Maybe some of you
> have read what I posted in the MS-SQL forum thread...

I also agree with Rabus about the new requirements of PHP and MySQL
(after 2.5.0).

So the new version will be 2.5.0. Indeed I had mentionned this renaming 
to Garvin (or the list?) a few days ago.

Instead of talking about rc1, I should have said "feature freeze". We 
have to freeze someday :)  So do we freeze on March 30?

About Sessions, I agree but I would prefer that the rewrite goes 
gradually into the tree, instead of a rewrite that stalls other 
developers. So we split the rewrite between developers?

About PHP3 and older MySQL, do we let the current workarounds in place?
I say yes, would be a big job to remove them. But we no longer put
workarounds for new debugging/features.

Finally, phpMyAdmin 3.0 should be in a distinct branch, and the code
would be .php based.


> Anyways, those steps would then lead to a new phpMyAdmin 3.0. And most importantly
> as Rabus told, phpMyAdmin will always be in its previous version a tool for PHP3
> users. Those people don't tend to be accessive to new feature implemented in
> phpMyAdmin if they won't even upgrade their PHP3 accounts. It's real hard to get a
> PHP3 server nowadays.
> To make a long story short: +1 :-)
> Regards,
> Garvin.

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