[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.5.0 this Sunday ?

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Sun May 11 14:46:07 CEST 2003

Rabus a écrit:
> Hi Marc & list,
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> From: Marc Delisle
>>I cannot test this, but what we declare is that we won't
>>support PHP 3 and MySQL 3.21 after phpMyAdmin 2.5.x.
>>Here the x is important, opening the door to 2.5.1.
> I'm a little confused:
> Haven't we planned to drop the php 3 / MySQL 3.21 support after 2.5.0?
> I suggested to do so on 2003-03-16 12:17.
> Garving replied: "I like the idea of leaving phpMyAdmin 2.5.0 the last
> release for older version compatibility."
> And then you yourself wrote as reply to Garvin's message: "I also agree
> with Rabus about the new requirements of PHP and MySQL (after 2.5.0)."
> Continuing the support for php 3 / MySQL 3.21 although we have no test
> machines is just insane, imho.
> Anyway, haven't we planned to start the session based rewrite, now?
> Regards,
> Alexander M. Turek
> <alex at bugfixes.info>

The new 3.x branch will be PHP4 only, but the 2.5.x branch can
live as well, with bugfixes only, for some time.

The reason is that 3.0.0 is many months ahead, I think.

And PHP3 users are reporting problems to us, so we can fix them
even if we don't have PHP3.

Just my opinion :)


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