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Garvin Hicking hicking at faktor-e.de
Wed May 21 06:08:05 CEST 2003

Hi Marc!

[2.5.1 RC1]
> Yes, how about on 2003-05-25 (this Sunday) ?

I'm +1 on this. I haven't yet had the time to check Nijels new export 
improvements, but as far as I can tell they are non-critical?!

> - drop support for PHP3 and old MySQL
> - sessions (as an option, or mandatory? because PHP can be build with 
> --disable-session)
> - dealing with old bugs...

Yes, we should have a look at the initial discussions we had about this. 
I'm absolutely positive about having sessions needed for the next PMA. I 
know of no serious webhoster or have any met any servers using PHP > 
4.1.0 without sessions. I don't think we should reinvent the weel to 
implement our own session storage.

We should also put Templates on the wishlist, even though this is the 
most difficult part to do, when I look at our code.

After that's been done we could think about a generic DB layer like 
PEAR::DB to open doors for better postgres and mssql implementations? 
But I thinks that's a more distant look into the future.

I also want to put some effort into new PMA3, even though I'd rather 
like to work with some instruction than to make the initial steps :-)


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