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Garvin Hicking hicking at faktor-e.de
Wed May 21 06:39:03 CEST 2003

Hi Mike!

 >>We should also put Templates on the wishlist, even though this is the
 >>most difficult part to do, when I look at our code.
 > what for? Templates are cool for seperating design from layout - 
which makes
 > it much easier for programmers to work with designers. But as far as 
i can
 > see nobody without an understanding of PHP would want to try to touch 
 > so it would not make things that much easier for us, it would only 
slow down
 > PMA. I don't think we should use templates just because it is nice to 
 > an the code looks much better... the code is suppossed to
 > a) work,
 > b) be fast
 > being nice is optional - the first two criterias are hard enough to 
get ;-)

I find it much easier to code with templates than to have on-and 
offbreaking <?php and ?> codes, mixed with HTML. It's ugly and very hard 
to indent both PHP and HTML blocks correctly, without loosing the {} 
control structure level.

And, we should also not think that our design is the best to come. This 
way, maybe some designers want to revamp the design of PMA.

You are right in meanings of template processing, but I'd say we should 
give it a try.

 > if course it would make things easier for other teams to take our 
code and
 > use it for different dbs, which is fine with me ... only problem is 
we would
 > loose all good mysql functionality ... if we want to take cross-db 
 > serious we would not even be able to use a LIMIT - and that would make
 > things REALLY slow.

I'm not familar with any other RDBMS than MySQL, but I thought we could 
make some MySQL-Features only, just like we do now by seperating 4.0 to 
3.0 - but if there are too many MySQL-dependant structure we HAVE to 
use, we should rely on MYSQL. Our first aim is to provide a good MYSQL 
interface, so we can drop all others if they won't fit in, don't we? ;)


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