[Phpmyadmin-devel] Webdev Magazine interview

Rabus derrabus at gmx.de
Thu Sep 25 08:05:14 CEST 2003

Hi Garvin & list,

Garvin Hicking wrote:
> Hi All!
> The editor of the bulgarian WebDev Magazine approached me and 
> asked if I was willing to answer some questions to be posted 
> in their PDF edition of the magazine. No expenses, no money, 
> but I'm still interested - I like questionaires and the likes.

If it was all about the money for you, you wouldn't have joined our team,
would you? :o)

> He asked if I want to publish the questions to you other 
> guys, so here's his mail:
> ----------------
> Hello.
> Here are the quesetions for interview:
> 1. Please tell our readers About PHPMyADmin. This is great 
> tool for MySQL database,Why? 2. Please tell more about 
> yourself.What do you do in your free time, where are you from 
> ...? 3. What is your favorite OS? Linux VS Windows , wgere is 
> the truth? 4. PHPMyADmin is free.Will remains free ever? 

No, we expect Bill Gates to buy our software as soon as it is ported to ASP
and supports MS-SQL and Access.
Then, we will sell licenses for 500$ for home users and 1.491$ for corporate

> 5.What do you thing about europatents?

The decline of the open source movement; the Europatents will push
uncommercial software into illegality.

> If other developers can answer will be great too.Can you send 
> me some pictures of your team? Please send me the answers 
> till friday, if is possible.

I can send you a picture of mine, but not before Monday...

> I will write my answers tomorrow, if you are interested in 
> reading them before I send them to him, please drop me a line :)

Sure, I' d like to.

> P.S.: 2.5.4 is fine for me - even though there is this 
> unfinished bookmark-thing. But I won't make to finalize the 
> code Nijel suggested before my 'vacation' to London in October.

If you need more time, we can postpone 2.5.4 for one or two weeks...
It is not that we have to release it on Sunday.



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