[Phpmyadmin-devel] JFYI: Eskuel

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Sun Jan 25 04:11:05 CET 2004

Hi Michal!

Thanks for that product info, I have never seen it before.

To me, this looks like a rip-off. It has many distinct elements used
in PMA (look at the result display) but with even uglier
represantation. I somehow also don't like the tone of comparison to

"Like phpMyAdmin, eskuel can backup a table property, export and
import the structure and/or the content of a database. You'll be able
to add, delete one or more records, control and optimize the size of
one table or database, rename or copy datas, in fact you'll can do
everything phpMyAdmin does but better and efficiently."

How can that be done "better"? And I don't see it more efficient if
you have all interface option in one huge right side panel.

"Better because we tried to create a more attractive interface (just
take a look at the screenshots), more ergonomic (you can quickly do
everything), more "cross-browser" (no more bugging frames or dhtml)
and customizable (absolutely !). "

I think one could struggle about attractiveness, but I really think
our pages are cross-browser compatible. And they DO use Javascript as
well. ;)

Well, but what annoys me the most:

"More efficient because we wanted each request to be the fastest of
the world"

I may want to look at the source of their application to see how they
did it faster than we use direct MySQL-function. If they use an
abstraction layer, they won't be faster.

But well, I do think that competition is good. However I think their
time could have been saved by contributing to PMA to make a skinnable
interface. That's the only think I like about their app. And maybe one
could have added an "options" panel for experienced users. But for
many parts I see just a worse functional rip-off of existing PMA


(And yes, I had a bad week ;-))

Garvin Hicking   | Mediengestalter
www.supergarv.de | #ICQ 21392242

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