[Phpmyadmin-devel] PEAR Packaged phpMyAdmin

Clay Loveless clay at killersoft.com
Sat Aug 6 07:45:06 CEST 2005

Hello, pMA devs! : )

I'm working on a project that leverages PEAR 1.4.0's robust packaging system
that aims to bring PHP application distribution to the level of ease that is
available to users of Debian Linux's apt-get system.

To that end, I have prepared a phpMyAdmin PEAR installable package that I
would like your feedback on.

In order to make phpMyAdmin PEAR 1.4.0 compatible, there were only two
modifications to the phpMyAdmin traditional distribution.

1. When installed, config.inc.php becomes config.inc.php.dist, so that
future package upgrades do not overwrite existing configuration.

2. A slight version numbering change, as PEAR only supports letters, numbers
and dots in versions. So, 2.6.3-pl1 became 2.6.3pl1 in this example.

To install the PEARified package, follow these steps:

1. Get PEAR installed
If you're already got PEAR running on your machine, we'll work with that. If
you don't, or if you want to use a localized PEAR installation, just follow
these instructions:

2. Upgrade to PEAR 1.4.0a12
To upgrade to the alpha version of PEAR that supports channels, run these

$ pear config-set preferred_state alpha
$ pear upgrade -o PEAR

3. Set up the Pearified.com channel
With PEAR 1.4.0a12, run this command:

$ pear channel-discover pearified.com

4. Install the Role_Web package.
This package is what makes the installation of a web front-end application
easy with PEAR 1.4.0. Note that there is a post-install script to run ... So
do these things:

$ pear install pearified/Role_Web
$ pear run-scripts pearified/Role_Web

5. Install the phpMyAdmin package
The installer will put the installation in a directory of '/pma' inside of
whatever directory you specified after installing the Role_Web package.

This package isn't released yet, so it will install a little bit differently
for the time being:

$ pear install http://pearified.com/testing/DB_phpMyAdmin-2.6.3pl1.tgz

Once released, this package would be installed like this:

$ pear install pearified/DB_phpMyAdmin

But, that won't work right now.

That's it! Once those steps are completed, copy config.inc.php.dist to
config.inc.php, configure as needed, and you'll be up and running. A future
enhancement to this package is a post-install script that steps users
through the process of setting up config.inc.php.

I am eager for your feedback! Please let me know if any of you have trouble
installing the package.

If you're interested, I would like to discuss maintaining this package going
forward so that we may open up a new convenient installation option for
phpMyAdmin. I am willing to maintain that package, or I would also be happy
to help out the phpMyAdmin development team in taking over the maintenance
of the PEAR package.

Thanks for your time!



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