[Phpmyadmin-devel] PEAR Packaged phpMyAdmin

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Wed Aug 10 13:57:30 CEST 2005

Thanks Clay,
I will have a look at this ASAP. I am currently on vacation.

Marc Delisle

Clay Loveless a écrit :
> Hello, pMA devs! : )
> I'm working on a project that leverages PEAR 1.4.0's robust packaging system
> that aims to bring PHP application distribution to the level of ease that is
> available to users of Debian Linux's apt-get system.
> To that end, I have prepared a phpMyAdmin PEAR installable package that I
> would like your feedback on.
> In order to make phpMyAdmin PEAR 1.4.0 compatible, there were only two
> modifications to the phpMyAdmin traditional distribution.
> 1. When installed, config.inc.php becomes config.inc.php.dist, so that
> future package upgrades do not overwrite existing configuration.
> 2. A slight version numbering change, as PEAR only supports letters, numbers
> and dots in versions. So, 2.6.3-pl1 became 2.6.3pl1 in this example.
> To install the PEARified package, follow these steps:
> 1. Get PEAR installed
> If you're already got PEAR running on your machine, we'll work with that. If
> you don't, or if you want to use a localized PEAR installation, just follow
> these instructions:
>     http://pear.php.net/manual/en/installation.php
> 2. Upgrade to PEAR 1.4.0a12
> To upgrade to the alpha version of PEAR that supports channels, run these
> commands.
> $ pear config-set preferred_state alpha
> $ pear upgrade -o PEAR
> 3. Set up the Pearified.com channel
> With PEAR 1.4.0a12, run this command:
> $ pear channel-discover pearified.com
> 4. Install the Role_Web package.
> This package is what makes the installation of a web front-end application
> easy with PEAR 1.4.0. Note that there is a post-install script to run ... So
> do these things:
> $ pear install pearified/Role_Web
> $ pear run-scripts pearified/Role_Web
> 5. Install the phpMyAdmin package
> The installer will put the installation in a directory of '/pma' inside of
> whatever directory you specified after installing the Role_Web package.
> This package isn't released yet, so it will install a little bit differently
> for the time being:
> $ pear install http://pearified.com/testing/DB_phpMyAdmin-2.6.3pl1.tgz
> Once released, this package would be installed like this:
> $ pear install pearified/DB_phpMyAdmin
> But, that won't work right now.
> That's it! Once those steps are completed, copy config.inc.php.dist to
> config.inc.php, configure as needed, and you'll be up and running. A future
> enhancement to this package is a post-install script that steps users
> through the process of setting up config.inc.php.
> I am eager for your feedback! Please let me know if any of you have trouble
> installing the package.
> If you're interested, I would like to discuss maintaining this package going
> forward so that we may open up a new convenient installation option for
> phpMyAdmin. I am willing to maintain that package, or I would also be happy
> to help out the phpMyAdmin development team in taking over the maintenance
> of the PEAR package.
> Thanks for your time!
> Regards,
> Clay

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