[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: Re: Removing of grab_globals

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Thu Dec 8 00:52:12 CET 2005


On Wed, 07 Dec 2005 19:17:16 -0500
Marc Delisle <Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca> wrote:

> Another point: having a look at $GLOBALS, can we put all strSomething 
> messages somewhere else? I'm afraid that we don't have a choice. Maybe 
> they could be in a cute array under $GLOBALS but this produces much 
> recoding everywhere.

I thing automatically replacing most of occurrences (I guess that all
except composed ones like used in server status) should not be a
problem. I volunteer to do this if we decide to make some change.

	Michal Čihař | http://cihar.com
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