[Phpmyadmin-devel] Catching up with you

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at CegepSherbrooke.qc.ca
Wed Oct 19 10:35:14 CEST 2005

Alexander M. Turek a écrit :
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> Hi guys,
> As you have noticed, I have been busy for some while.
> Because of this, I've hardly followed the discussions on the mailing
> lists and now I'm trying to catch up with the development, again. Could
> you guys give me a little update? ;-)
> Just some things I noticed while testing HEAD:
> 1) The interface scaling is partly broken, as far as I can see. With the
> default theme, all the text is displayed way too large - except for the
> optgroups in the database selection. With the darkblue / organge theme,
> it looks better, but there are still some places, where table captions
> are displayed too large.
> I noticed, that you've worked on some XHTML-related stuff, so I guess
> this is still under contruction? I could provide screen shots, if you
> want me to.
> 2) On server_status.php, I noticed that you have devided the variables
> into groups and added small descriptions. Well, at least for the
> different storage engines, I started doing the same on
> server_engines.php. For some variables, we now have even redundant
> descriptions in our lang files. :-/
> Regarding the fact, that server_status.php has become quite large, I'd
> suggest to move the stuff that is related to a specific storage engine
> to server_engines.php and libraries/engines.
> 3) I have worked on a code splitup of server_privileges.php in order to
> implement the new MySQL 5 privileges, including the new privilege level
> and removing all "SELECT ... FROM mysql" queries on MySQL 5. I had to
> stop because of some bugs in MySQL 5, that have been fixed meanwhile.
> Is anyone working on the privilege system right now? Otherwise, I'd
> resume my work and try to merge it with the changes you have made during
> the time I've been inactive.

As you can see from HEAD, server_privileges.php now supports MySQL 5 
privileges. Still TODO: REQUIRE clause of GRANT:


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