[Phpmyadmin-devel] 20 seconds lost in header_meta_style.inc.php

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Thu Apr 13 07:05:07 CEST 2006

Hi Marc!

> ok, using this require_once './libraries/header_http.inc.php'; $time_before =
> microtime(true); require_once './libraries/header_meta_style.inc.php';
> $time_after = microtime(true);
> echo $time_after - $time_before;
> I only get .0006 seconds. No significant differences when OBgzip is true
> or false. But still 20 seconds on my watch.

Okay, basically what I thought it would yield.

> Web server A (Apache 1.3.34) is on a different machine than MySQL server
> B (MySQL 5.1.7, with 4400 dbs). When connecting Web server A to MySQL
> server C (MySQL 5.0.18, 100 dbs) there is almost no delay. I'm using Firefox.

I do think that the time delay you experience comes from the server table

> So, something else is eating time but it's difficult to find using
> conventional tracing. I guess I'll have to use a debugger.

Absolutely, yes. I'd suggest using the XDebug2 Profiler, I think I remember
you'Ve worked with that before?

> P.S. what is HTTP chunking? :)

HTPP 1/1 supports HTTP chunking; this splits HTTP result data into multiple
chunks of data, and even also to compress each of those chunks. This often
speeds ups transfer, because the server can already deliver the first chunks of
data while it is still chewing on the rest of the execution. I think though this
only works with mod_php, not CGI's.

So in that case, if a chunk is 2kb in size, it will send the first 2048 bytes of
your HTTP request; and then it might take the script to load several other files
before the next 2kb of data are sent; this could be the reason why you thought
the delay happened inside that meta file, while in "real time" the slow response
is dealt with in some DB execution.

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