[Phpmyadmin-devel] static contents of session

Juergen Wind jwind at web.de
Tue Aug 1 18:05:05 CEST 2006

sorry for having posted twice without subject, getting used to this webmail by and by ;) 

Sebastian wrote:
>you store this session in ram? you will say you do not use the default
>php session handler 'file'?
i ' m experimenting yet, what's best. that's why the question arose.

>and? whats wrong with this?
i just don't like it ;)
(i hate wasting things, i 'm from the old days, when every byte counted , you know?)

>what do you think exactly should not be stored in session and why?
nothing, what is already in theme files, config.inc  ...
(you won't put lang messages into the session, won't you?)

>> on a well configured system that should already be done by disk cache.
>same for session file

that's right

some other opinions?



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