[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: [Phpmyadmin-cvs] CVS: phpMyAdmin/libraries/dbi

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Sun Feb 19 23:19:02 CET 2006

Marc Delisle wrote:

>>>>>>> In HEAD:
>>>>>>> Notice: Use of undefined constant MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG - assumed 
>>>>>>> 'MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG' in 
>>>>>>> /phpMyAdmin-HEAD/libraries/dbi/mysqli.dbi.lib.php on line 465
>>>>>>> PHP 5.1.2
>>>>>>> MySQL 5.0.18
>>>>>>> To reproduce:
>>>>>>> On main page, click "Show processes", then click our Refresh link.
>>>>>> cannot reproduce
>>>>>> with same as above and Windows, mysql client 5.0.18
>>>>>> whats your
>>>>>> mysql client libary version?
>>>>>> os?
>>>>> MySQL client library is 4.1.12.
>>>>> Server OS is Linux.
>>>>> Note that I still have the bug when connecting with mysqli to a 
>>>>> MySQL 4.1.13 server.
>>>>> The bug also happens when browsing any table. Does your setup 
>>>>> display notice errors?
>>>> no errors at all
>>>> MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG is defined!
>>>> seems to be a bug with older client libs
>>> So you are saying that having a 4.1.12 client lib is too old for 
>>> connecting to a MySQL 4.1.13 server? Well I don't get your point, and 
>>> besides, we are going to have a lot of complaints about this.
>> of course we/i should address this
>> but its a bug in the client lib, independent from server version
>> the client lib does not export BINARY_FLAG to MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG
> This flag is not even listed on
> http://ca3.php.net/mysqli
> Anyway I suggest to do this:
> if (!defined('MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG')) {
>    define('MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG', 128);
> }

yes, i thought about the same ;-)

btw. possible we should/could add a message on main.php if mysql client 
lib and MySQL server version differs (knowing that this is not the 
source of this problem as even with server version same as client lib 
version the error would occur if the client is below <5.0 or something)

"Your mysql client lib version (x.xx.xx) differs from your server 
version (x.xx.xx), MySQL AB advises to use same versions, as there are 
several errors that can happen."

or something similar ...

read on:

As the the above link holds only connectors for Windows the statements 
are true for all os.

Sebastian Mendel

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