SV: [Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: Translation tool for phpMyAdmin's string-based languagefiles.

Martin Kronstad martin at
Fri Jan 13 09:00:03 CET 2006

Michal Čihař wrote:

>> Is there any interest for using this app with phpMyAdmin?

>Yes there definitely is. I already started discussion on using on-line
>translating system some time ago and there was quite positive feedback
>from translators, so the only question that remains is how to integrate
>this tool with our current work style. We currently allow only official
>translators to update language files to ensure some quality - we do not
>know all languages and it's easy for someone anonymous to write
>something naughty into some message and we won't notice that
>translation of Welcome string to Chinese says for example fuck you all.
>So to integrate with our current practice, I would suggest following:
>- allow of upload of whole file (in case translator wants to put his
>version into system)
>- ability to merge with cvs, I guess this could be done by cvs + some
>shell scripting executed daily from cron
>- send emails to translators with changes before release so that they
>can review changes and possibly upload them to translation tracker

How do mean the system should merge the documents, should the system read
the file in cvs and replace everything that exist in the languagefile, then
download a new copy from cvs?

I have a idea of how to mark new keys fetched from CVS. Why not add a
comment on each string when adding a new key to the languagefiles in CVS?

(strSomeTranslatedString is translated and not new but $strSomeOtherString
has been fetched/merged from files in CVS)
(example code)
$strSomeKeyStringName = 'This text has not yet been translated'; // MISSING
$strSomeOtherString = 'This should be translated'; // MISSING
$strSomeTranslatedString = 'Denne strengen er oversatt';
(end example code)

Then the system can read every string with "// MISSING", and tell the
translator that this is a key that has not been translated since the key was
fetched from cvs.	(This way the system could also list only the
strings witch is marked as missing in the form).

This way we could email the language translators whenever we want. We could
also show how much of the language has been translated. Another good thing
is that we could filter out all new strings, so the translators do not have
to search for new strings...

(I will start working on the upload-feature)

BR Martin Kronstad

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