[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: SV: Re: Translation tool for phpMyAdmin's string-based languagefiles.

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Tue Jan 17 02:03:24 CET 2006


sorry I still lack time to look at your code...

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 17:59:05 +0100
Martin Kronstad <martin at siteman.no> wrote:

> How do mean the system should merge the documents, should the system read
> the file in cvs and replace everything that exist in the languagefile, then
> download a new copy from cvs?
> I have a idea of how to mark new keys fetched from CVS. Why not add a
> comment on each string when adding a new key to the languagefiles in CVS?
> (strSomeTranslatedString is translated and not new but $strSomeOtherString
> has been fetched/merged from files in CVS)
> (example code)
> $strSomeKeyStringName = 'This text has not yet been translated'; // MISSING
> $strSomeOtherString = 'This should be translated'; // MISSING
> $strSomeTranslatedString = 'Denne strengen er oversatt';
> (end example code)
> Then the system can read every string with "// MISSING", and tell the
> translator that this is a key that has not been translated since the key was
> fetched from cvs.	(This way the system could also list only the
> strings witch is marked as missing in the form).

This is similar to //to translate, I don't think we have to introduce
new comment.

What I meant was to incorporate correctly changes that happen in CVS.
There might be some conflicting translations ... Hmmm in this case it
is probably okay to prefer CVS version.

> This way we could email the language translators whenever we want. We could
> also show how much of the language has been translated. 

This is already done -

> Another good thing
> is that we could filter out all new strings, so the translators do not have
> to search for new strings...

They should IMO look for untranslated rather than for new.

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